Silhouette yoga Asia young woman practicing yoga in the forrest and sport yogaWaiting period filled with miscarriages, IVF attempts or “just” getting the monthly period is a process of grieving. I will talk in this blog about what helps not to become desperate and bitter during this time that can be very devastating. We often hear “you just need to let go”.

If it was that easy grieving wouldn’t be existing. Letting go means accepting first – and accepting is a process. We need to acknowledge our feelings first and allow them to be. By doing this we learn to observe and manage them, which helps us taking decisions that are best for us.

For example. Is it ok for me today to go to my friend’s baby shower? If it doesn’t feel OK we have to learn to allow ourself to say “No” without thinking we are not a good friend. Even, if friends or families don’t understand. This is a very painful time where we need to be our own backup and not our best pusher in order to please others. Maybe on another day it does feel OK.

When we learn how to manage our feelings and be kind to ourself, we create more space and positive energy for ourselves thereby coping with our situation feels lighter. You will be surprised how strong and confident you will become and how happy you will feel for others, despite the fact your own situation hasn’t changed yet.

Enjoy your day!  With each new day you are getting closer to your journey’s happy end…

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