Waiting to become a mom can be a very

stressful journey…

I have been on a fertility journey for 7 years. I know the pain. I know the frustration. And most importantly I know how not to get destroyed by it.

With my blog I want to support you on your journey. As a Life Coach & IFS practitioner, I am here for you to process your fertility experience and/or support you on your adoption journey. My goal is for you to gain your balance and strength back and live a fulfilling and happy life.

When we tuck away our painful feelings and not learn how to process them, it can seriously damage our relationships and our health over time.

Inner balance not only is a great condition to become pregnant; it is also beneficial for being a mom, which will cause inevitably new stressful feelings.

Knowing yourself and learning how to manage upcoming feelings of any kind will be a gift for a lifetime.

You are not alone on this journey. Tell me your story. I am here for you. Gain your strength and balance back. You deserve it.

Contact me today.

Warmly, Birgit